Fin Fun

Traveling FIN Summer Contest

Contest Runs from May 25th-September 3rd

Our Traveling FIN summer contest is HERE! Share your summer fun with us!

To Enter:

  • Print out or pick up the black and white picture of FIN.
  • Customize FIN. BE CREATIVE!
  • Bring FIN on your summer adventures.
  • Take a photo of yourself, family or friends with FIN.**Make sure you are wearing your Bocklet t-shirt.**
  • Post the photo to Facebook and/or Instagram and tag Bocklet Orthodontics using the hashtags #travelingfin2018, #bockletortho and #yoursmileisourfocus. Or submit to
  • All entries must include one Bocklet Orthodontics patient and a picture of FIN.

Team Bocklet will be selecting 3 winners: Farthest Distance, Most Creative and Most likes on Instagram and Facebook combined.

All entries will receive 10 Beach Bucks and each winner will receive a $50 visa gift card!
Have fun and be creative!

Great patients receive great results and we want to reward them throughout their journey with us!

Our Beach Buck system rewards excellence! We want all patients to complete treatment on time and produce top notch results.

Here Are Our Rules

  • Be on time: This means you must arrive a few minutes early, stop by our brushing station, and be ready for your appointment.
  • Oral Hygiene: You must have tip top oral hygiene. This means clean teeth, and braces with NO plaque. Excellent oral hygiene is important throughout treatment to prevent permanent teeth scarring.
  • Appliances: You must be compliant with all treatment instructions such as elastics and removable appliances. You must have no loose or broken brackets or wires along with no missing appliances or missing appliance parts.
  • T-Shirt: Wear any Bocklet Orthodontics t-shirt to your appointment.

How it Works:

ONE Beach Buck will be given for each of the above categories; if you do all four things then we DOUBLE the rewards! This means you can earn 8 BEACH BUCKS for each appointment.

How to get Extra Beach Bucks: Good Grades, Community Involvement, Schedule your appointment between 9am and 3pm, refer a Patient, Leave us a Review and Follow us on Social Media.

No Beach Bucks will be awarded for breakage, repair, and replacement or emergency appointments.

Our Prize Board changes frequently starting at 10 Beach Bucks and ending at 500! We keep various gift cards and water bottles, tote bags and other small gifts in stock at all times! Check our Facebook Page for updates on new prizes!